Proposal Bouquets & Arrangements

wedding proposal bouquets Pueblo, CO

When it comes time to propose, the ring gets the most attention. Once you have the ring, planning out the proposal itself begins to take shape. Some people choose an elaborate, video-worthy event while others choose a more low key and intimate affair. But whatever style of proposal seems right to you, don’t forget the flowers!  With well over a century of experience in creating ambiance, Campbell’s Flowers is eager to help you set the mood with gorgeous proposal bouquets.
proposal bouquets

Which flowers are just right for the big question? That depends on your sweetheart! While many people opt for traditional red roses for their romantic significance, they are by no means your only appropriate choice.

My Favorite Things: An overflowing and lavish bouquet of your intended’s favorite flower is a sure way to impress them as you ask them to spend their life with you. Tie the ring around the bouquet with a ribbon, or nestle the ring box into the flowers.

proposal bouquets - roses Pueblo, CO

Custom Bouquets to Match the Ring: Let the floral designers at Campbells Flowers create a bouquet just for you, inspired by your ring! A traditional diamond and platinum ring will look beautiful against white flowers with glittering silver details. A ruby, emerald, or sapphire ring can be set off by exotic orchids, while an antique ring is perfectly presented with pale tea roses and vintage lace.

Expert Tips: If you want to preserve the element of surprise, have a third party – such as the waiter – deliver the flowers to you at just the right time. Also, pay a “stealth photographer” to get the perfect photo without alerting your significant other.

Proposal Bouquets Pueblo, CO

Scattering rose petals or placing a floral crown on her head – there are countless ways to incorporate florals into your wedding proposal. For everything you need for this day, and through to your wedding day – the wedding planning professionals at Campbell’s Flowers are the first call you should make for your Pueblo area event. And may we be the first to say Congratulations!