Spring Pantone Color Trends

color trendsThe Pantone Color Institute has released its annual report on trending colors for the next season, and the colors highlighted do not disappoint! From subtle and earthy, to vivid and adventurous, there is a color for everyone on the 2017 list. The color expert’s top picks indicate their expectations for trends in fashion, decor, design – and flowers! When you are ready to discuss the florals for your Pueblo wedding, a collaboration with the wedding professionals at Campbell’s Flowers is your best call.

There are 10 colors on the list, but only one can be the 2017 Color of the Year. That honor goes to the fresh and invigorating Greenery, a yellowish-green hue that is gorgeous on its own or paired with any of the other Pantone choices. 

color trends

Greenery is exhibited in Bells of Ireland, Fuji mums, green hydrangea, and roses.  The contemporary arrangement above features Greenery with several of the other trending colors on the Pantone list – the fiery vivid orange of Flame, the exuberant neon of Pink Yarrow, and the sunny disposition of Primrose Yellow.  What can we imagine for you?

The rest of the trending colors list is as follows:
* Hazelnut – an earthy, neutral tone
* Kale – a deep olive green
* Pale Dogwood – a vintage, subtle pink
* Island Paradise – an aqua hue reminiscent of a tropical vacation
* Niagara – a relaxed blue inspired by the comfort of denim
* Blue Lapis – a brilliantly saturated, intense bluecolor trendsThough wedding trends come and go, the expertise of the Campbell’s Flowers wedding professionals stands the test of time. No matter your color preference, no matter your style – you won’t find more talented floral designers in all of Pueblo. If you are planning a 2017 wedding, call us today for a consultation.